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Unravel First

I signed up because I wanted to make cool stuff and because of Victore's desire to make the (design) world less boring looking. After viewing section one, other folks' projects, and working through personal brand and style, I realize that I've got to scrape some barnacles to be where I want in my personal work. I really need to put a lot of inspiration in its proper place, avoid the herd, and stop thinking about "audience" or what the fruit of the work will be–thoughts that have led to taking the easy path, or doing nothing at all.

Step1-Consider Brand

Sparse, organic/biological, dark, humourous, cryptic, illogical, humanistic, irreverent, asemic, transparent, hopeful.

In some ways this is more of an ideal. Hopefully avoiding the path of least resistance will allow more of these ideas to come through.



A few pages of playing around with lines. The first two are charcoal, which I'm a little familiar with, but haven't used much lately. The third and fourth images were my first two experiments ever with woodless graphite pencils. I was addicted from the second they came out of the box. I'm really looking forward to doing more with them.

Step4-Poster Ideas

A couple passes at this phrase that's been rattling around lately. To me the words are not just about killing for resources, but about how we treat people when we're generally unsatisfied.

First try was me experimenting with paint markers, something I had never used before. The second uses the woodless graphite that I've been digging so much.


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