Unpleasant | Skillshare Projects

Karla Monterrosa

story artist




I'm working on a short film, working title “Unpleasant”.  It'll be a three-minute film about the release of anxiety and taking nervousness out on the human body. 


Some things I am obsessed with:

- my body and how awkward it is
- the worst that could happen
- the inevitability of death
- Kierkegaard
- people I would want to be rather than myself
- my fingernails
- my hair
- the idea of touching someone's teeth
- my boyfriend's face
- Woody Allen
- how I feel like God is absolutely cool with me
- my laugh
- how I can't avoid laughing
- apologies
- intense, complicated stories about people who live in places I have only heard of
- my ex's Twitter feed
- rough pencil lines
- how soft my boyfriend's hair is
- lies
- new beginnings
- things that can break easily
- first times
- abandoned buildings
- leaving
- the empty spaces that create distance
- my parents' approval as an unnatainable goal
- interesting moles on people's faces
- trying to be funny
- hating art


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