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Lawrence Williams

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Unorthodox Tour

Demographics: Im targeting the early teens - early 30's. Grabbing these generations enabling them to shop online but now also in person with this tour.  By bringing a pop up shop in the form of a fun house, so now the loyal customers of can experience a wonder land of clothing and enterainment with a more hands on approach.  

1)   Unorthodox  Clothing Convention

  1. a.     First Floor 

                                                              i.      Touch me Museum/ Fun House

                                                            ii.      A tour through a maze of clothing companies. Where the customers can actually interact with the models instead of a traditional cat-walk showcase. 

                                                          iii.      Human Statues of the models

  1. b.     Second Floor 

                                                              i.      Clothing vendors (Shopping)

                                                            ii.      Meet and Greet with fashion designers (Direct customer feedback)

                                                          iii.      Music Concert

2)   US Tour (Clothing Convention)

  1. Take the family and members of the partnering clothing companies on tour
  2. Take the convention across the States (Major Cities)
  3. Have the convention during national known events (All-Star Weekend, Coachella, Fashion Week etc…







  Center piece for model attraction, the center piece will include a single human model in each elevated platform from each clothing line’s featured seasonal look book. Consumer will be able to walk up to the platform and control it with a remote. The consumer will be able to move from model to model. When a model is selected their platform will be able to rotate individually.  As the models rotate into the spotlight they can model for the consumer (take off their jacket throw it over their shoulder etc…)






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