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Jake Belake

Trust is the key



Unolcking the CHANGE

I believe dreamers are those who CHANGE the world.

Same as Tesla, Newton or Muhammad Ali chased their dreams and made a change, we all can do the same. In this class you will become a DREAMER.


Describe a CHANGE you would like to see in the world and present it to your classmates.


  1. First, think out your idea of what would you like to change in the world
  2. Why do you think your change is needed
  3. Define how the life should look like after applying your change
  4. Describe how you want to achieve the change
  5. Make a summary from 1-4 and present your idea short way to the classmates

You will be given steps and tips you can follow, or you can apply your own way, to present your world changing.  

I will demonstarte each step on a complex problem: 

Changing the society and world values.

Thank you for reading


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