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Unnecessary Revenge



Aimed Audience

         For this story I'm trying to appeal to the younger teenage range. It's also more aimed towards muslim girls who want a good story with a strong independent girl as the main character. Sure, at first she seems weak and sensitive. In the long run she is a brave, bold girl who won't let petty things get in the way of her living her life. I generally like strong characters. But instead of having a strong character with secrets, I chose to show her transitioning from a weak girl to an independant one. 



Emma is, well, complicated. Her parents hate her and the entire school seems to make her a target. Despite the odds, she is a strong independent girl. She's always wanted a brother, someone who could protect her, and teach her. Of course an older brother in impossible since her sister Anna; the only person who doesn't hate her, is the oldest. Or is she?

Trouble arises when a mentally ill stranger begins shadowing her. With the help of her new friend Habiba, Emma travels through an unforgettable adventure towards becoming a Muslim.



        As I walk through the hallway I hear a voice. I can tell it is my sister Anna’s voice, but something about what she was saying disturbed me. I leaned up against the door and listened.

“Marco, why will you not come home?” I hear my sister ask.

“Mother and Father will not let me.” I hear a boy say, Anna must have the speakers on.

“Emma has been saying all year that she wants a brother, and the poor girl doesn’t even know she has one.” My sister says.

“Fine, but I’m not coming home, you have got to get her somewhere I can go without our parents knowing.”

“Deal, I just can’t take it anymore. Every time she has said she wanted a brother I felt tears in my eyes and I think she is starting to notice them.”

“It’s okay, just find a place soon and she will see that she has a brother.”

“I’ll get to you soon, besides I think it’s time for her to know the truth about our family.”

“I agree, and I can’t wait to meet my sister.”

“Bye Marco.”

“Goodbye Anna.”

        As Anna hangs up the phone and I quietly run down the hall into my room. When I am in my room I start to think.  Now I know I have a brother, his name is Marco, and for some reason my parents don’t want him near me. To think I, Emma Britain, would have a brother and my parents would hide that from me. Why would they do such a thing? At least I knew I would see my brother soon. After I did see him, the first thing I would do is ask my parents about it. I bet they would be pissed I found out, but honestly? I don't care. Not anymore...

A/N: So... how was it? The story is just a prologue. My best friend made my cover for me. I'ts pretty simple, but that's how I like it. I have a ton of different works, but this is the story I work the hardest on.Let me know how I did :)


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