Kaywan Shiraz

Managing Partner at Kasama Media



Unnamed Niche Content Whitelabel Platform


My company Kasama Media, is looking to revamp and the core platform/processes/best practices of the Filipino American online content provider BakitWhy.com and eventually white label the entire system for other immigrant/underserved communities.  Before we do that though, we need to figure out how to best improve the product (through a new version from the ground-up) to meet needs that we probably ignored throughout the years.

The goal of these sites is to create online spaces where underserved communities can create and cultivate their own online presence through content and discussions.

======Lesson 1 ======

1. Validation Board

3. Is your customer who you thought they were? Did they have the problem?

Yes and no.  The issue is that there are so many sub-segments of community mmebers when you talk about a community at large.  Age range, socioeconomic status, or just plain what school they went to factors into their interests and perception of the problem.  From what I hear though, they're cognizant of the issue that the mainstream doesn't have put out content either highlighting/promoting/discussing the community's individuals or groups.  Whether they care is another story -- although they answered in the affirmative for the first assumption, the sincerity of their response seems questionable.

Also there's the question beyond the audience that stems into a second (or maybe the true?) customer -- advertisers/brands looking to tap into the niche communities.  I would probably approach that next once the core audience customer/problem is figured out.

4. List the 5 key learnings from interviews

  1. Respondents want a voice as much as content. Maybe more so?
  2. Whatever the solution is has to be really easy to use. Like tumblr-easy
  3. People don't even know what's going in with people in the community in the same city
  4. Content isn't just limited to words, people are a lot more visual
  5. There is a genuine interest to see what people are doing outside of their local areas.

======Lesson 2 ======


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