Unlock Your Creative Potential With On-Site Sketching!

Unlock Your Creative Potential With On-Site Sketching! - student project

This class will get those drawing and sketching muscles going and it's for anyone!

  • Do you think you can't draw AT ALL and so you've never tried?
  • Has it been years (or decades!) since you picked up a pencil or brush?

  • Are you a professional artist or designer who needs a relaxing break from the computer screen AND would like to enhance the creative potential for current and future projects?

  • Would you like to have an incredibly new and heightened experience of places when you travel?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you will love this class!
EVERYONE will finish with exciting sketches that you will be proud of!

We will assemble our materials

Talk about confidence and eliminating self-judgement and self criticism

Understand how drawing is a personal experience that enhances your experience of a place.

Your class project is to create a full scene of one of your favorite locations, indoor sites.

Harriet Faith
Art, Inspiration And Sweet Animals