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Unlock Creativity - EggTastic

Upon viewing the videos and listeing to the lessons. I decided to go with a shape that would be a fun challenge but had some possibilities of being more. The shape I am going with is the egg shape or oval. Its a personal shape as its the one shape I could never get right in grade school.


Here is my mood board of ideas. There are more but i couldnt get them in the screenshot. Any tips on how to do show more would be greatly appreciated.

Pinterest Board.. EGGS



Like I said Eggs.. I started with just eggs and then went onto breakfast. Maybe cause I was hungry I think. Yes i did have to have eggs for breakfast. What can I say its part of the process. Anyways I then when on to shape of the egg, which I thought honestly was very basic and simple and then the flash of my grade school years came into place. Then I went onto color which also seemed easy then i remember bird have different color eggs, such as the blue robins eggs and so on. Needless to say now I am excited about this project.  


Number 1-14

Here is number 1-14. I wanted to start with pen and pencil first in my sketchbook. I started out thinking maybe this wasn't a good shape after all and maybe its limited. But then I drew the egg sleeping, a phrase I say to our boys every morning' "wakey wakey, eggs and bacon." Then my cartoon side really came out. Egg carton turned into and apartment building turned into my next one of egg kids trick or treating. Then my favorite...how i feel when I attempt yoga. Like a fat egg tipping over. lol This is total fun.



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