Unleashing My Creativity

Unleashing My Creativity - student project

Unleashing My Creativity - image 1 - student projectEXERCISE #1

Thought I had a limited color palatte I didn't really limit my mediums and this piece kind of got a little convoluted. However I still enjoy the finally result and I still learned a lot through the process.

Unleashing My Creativity - image 2 - student projectEXERCISE #2

Hand lettering is not my favorite thing but I gave it a go. I like this title because I am ready to create more in the moment. I can't let my fear of messing up, or wasting the supply or the myriad of other things that can limit creativity.

Unleashing My Creativity - image 3 - student project EXERCISE #3

Drawing in a manor unusual was nice to stretch those muscles. I absolutely love the eyes closed version. I will try to find ways add them into future creation moments.

Unleashing My Creativity - image 4 - student projectEXERCISE #4

I think an instrumental piece might be a better choice but Radiohead just always reads visually to me when I listen to the them. I enjoyed this exercise and will definitely repeat it in the future once I get more comfortable with abstract watercolor.

Unleashing My Creativity - image 5 - student projectEXERCISE #5

This would be a good future activity to shake out any kinks or tightness or just a day I want to create something or anything.

Unleashing My Creativity - image 6 - student project


The two strawberries on the left were my original things and than I messed it up with a brush pen. At first I had no idea where I was going from there but I kept just trying things. I actually enjoy how it ended up.