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Mary Jenifer

Young, but definitely not wild nor free.



Unleashing Demons




Just because you don't see them, doesn't mean they aren't real.

What would you do if your life is tied to a dark past? To an inescapable future? Hiding will never be an option and the only way out is to accept evil....

Will you embrace it?

After the fire that took her parents' lives and which left her half-blind, Alexandra King learned to live parentless the hard way. Now, twelve years later, she grew independent yet reclusive. But what she knows about herself is just the tip of the iceberg. For her very existence was already branded with a dark and powerful curse--that dates back to her antediluvian lineage.

Gideon Hunter lives up to his name--a hunter of the departed. But fate had other plans for him, for the recent turn of events will push him to the limit as he searches for answers. Having a few demons of his own, how could he help Alex?

Read as their lives threaded into the same spool of fate. And as they both delve deeper into uncharted waters; secrets will be revealed and questions shall be answered.

A sinister past coincides with the present and will brutally affect their future.


Since this is a N/A Paranormal genre my target audience would be for both male and female readers ranging from 16-25 years old (reason why I used a male pen-name). Typically for anyone who'd enjoy a mix of paranormal with a dash of romance and a bit of mystery (that sounded like a drink lol). 

EXCERPT: (Prologue and 1/3 of Chapter 1)



The young girl smelled it before she saw it. She flashed her eyes open, and there it was. The thick smoke clouded the ceiling and only grew denser by the second. Its source was from the small space beneath the door.

Fear got a deathly hold of her and she crawled weakly out from her bed. She coughed heavily at the inhaled fumes as it polluted her lungs. Her fingers barely reached out for the doorknob before she stopped. Her father's warning echoed through her ears. She bleakly searched for a towel of any kind, but was difficult due to the smoke that obscured her sight.

Yet somehow she managed to find one and covered the knob with the towel. She desperately yanked the door open with her frail hands. Fire consumed the ceiling and half of the walls; the heat scorched her skin.

The air was pierced by the screams that came from downstairs. Tear-stricken, the girl bravely traversed through the unburned path of the hallway. When she was several steps down the stairs, she gawked helplessly at the place she called home-or what was almost left of it. Foundations crumbled, embers glowed menacingly and furniture neared to ashes, the blaze swallowed greedily on anything that stood on its way.

The girl did nothing more but cried for her parents. She stood there amidst of the fiery abyss, soon to be consumed by the flames.

"Allie! Get back upstairs!"

She turned to the voice of her father who appeared out of nowhere. He quickly ran to her, and sprinted back upstairs with his daughter in his arms. He ascended the steps just in time when portions of the ceiling crashed down on where she once stood only moments ago.

They were back at her room, yet to be touched and destroyed by the inferno. "W-where's mom?" She asked him as she wept

"She's gone, Allie." He answered solemnly. Soot and tears covered his face.

Thuds of footsteps signaled that they were no longer alone. Her father marched towards the threshold. "You will never get us!" He shouted at the unknown assailant.

He slammed the door shut and stood there for a mere five seconds. Suddenly, a blast of flames engulfed the room and trapped them into a fiery grave.

He kneeled in front of his daughter. "Listen to me, Allie. Always remember that daddy loves you. Okay baby?" He wiped away a stray tear that trickled down her cheek and embraced her for the last time.

Without warning, he scooped her up. With his body as a shield, he hurled both of them out of the window. He softened the blow once they made contact with the manicured lawn. One second she felt the strength of her father's arms around her, then the next his weight and protection disappeared. An instant later, the whole second floor exploded. Fragments of the once beautiful home that held her childhood memories soared at all directions.

A second explosion completed its fate, which blasted shattered windows. Allie, who just stirred from a momentary concussion, ill-fatedly wasn't able to avoid the incoming rain of glass. The shards grazed the left side of her face, with one that tragically punctured an eye. She howled in pain.

Fire trucks siren wailed at a distance as they closed in on the property. The last thing she remembered were the firemen as they extinguished the blaze, while one carried her to safety.

She lost consciousness until nothing was left but darkness.

CHAPTER 1: The Vision

[Twelve years later...]

The vestige of the past loomed like a dark silhouette, shadowing my every movement. The memory of that night, which was shoved and kept in the farthest corner of my mind, seemed to have unleashed itself to haunt me yet again. Unnerving me to a fault.

I rocked back and forth, hugging my knees tightly against my chest. Almost as if the very act would create a barrier, repelling the pain that pulsated within my core and rippled outwards to each tendril of my body. The soft earth beneath me parted each time my heels dug deeper into the ground. My mind wished it would engulf me into its embrace instead, just to escape this torment.

Calm down, I urged myself. Usually, I find peace and solitude whenever I came to visit. The void within me would temporarily alleviate, only to be replaced with tranquility, leaving me lighthearted whenever I exited the gates.

But tonight was different.

The sadness and anger welled up the emptiness in my soul. It was overwhelming, this emotion I felt. It kept crashing through me in waves, which left me struggling to resurface.

"What does this mean?" I whispered against the gentle midnight breeze, leaving it to fate if they'll be able to get my message.

I stared back half-expectantly at the two tombstones, in lieu of my parents, and waited for an answer I'll never receive. It was the only perceptible trace that they ever existed—had ever lived, breathed and laughed. Everything else had burned into ashes, none left even for kindling.

My fingernails dug into my arms. It had been more than five years since I've last dreamt of the tragedy that took my parents' lives; somehow the move to the city had shoved those nightmares to the back of my head. Yet even so, I always find myself driving the hour-drive to the grounds of my parents' burial place, seeking comfort in time of need as a child seeks the warmth of her mother.

I lightly grazed my left cheek, the scars from that night almost faded into a faint indention. My left eye wasn't too lucky though; the incision stabbed a nerve that won't let me recover my sight and I have been half blind ever since.

Police investigation ruled out arson—they were unable to distinguish the cause of the fire. But I've always believed otherwise. They turned a deaf ear on my statement about an unseen attacker, and my cries for justice were left unheard.

The deep grumble from the dark skies signaled an impending downpour. It had been rain or shine for the past few days, due to a current storm. I snapped back to reality, away from the unpleasant memories and checked my phone for the time; 1:15 AM.

I kneeled over towards my parents, stroking a hand on each stone in an unspoken farewell. My heart ached for them in each passing second, yearned for their love and guidance. Yet fate wasn't in my favor and I was forced to face this cruel world parentless.

The drizzle began to trickle down my face, and with a last silent prayer, I was off. I sprinted against the moistened earth; the mud clung to my shoes as though part of it. I dodged the hindering maze of headstones and the rain gradually evolved into an onslaught, assaulting my clothes until I was drenched.

I finally reached the stone barricade that encircled the expansive land full of graves. Camouflaged within the vines that clustered the wall, were half-a-foot protrusions that served as a kind of step ladder, something I discovered a few years back. A testament that I wasn't alone in having unexpected midnight excursions in the cemetery.

Once I made it over the precarious obstacle and climbed down a neighboring tree, I found myself in the dry refinements of my car. I immediately booted up the heater, the warm air caressed my cheeks in greeting.

I sat there for what seemed like an hour, staring out at the obscurity of the storm. The rain drummed a beat against the roof, a calming tune to my senses. Once I gathered my scattered self, I shifted gears before backing out of the deserted parking lot.

Only to have my car backfire until it suddenly died.

I swore at my battered sedan, banging a frustrated fist on the wheel in front of me. Of all the time...

Looks like I have to start my day early.



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