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Unleash your creativity: Drawing without fear by relearning how to see

Hi! This is my second Skillshare class and I'd love any input about my class description and video outline. Does the description appeal to you and make you want to join? Is there anything I should take out or add in? Thanks so much for letting me know what you think!! :) 

Class description: 

Whether you're a seasoned artist or someone who has just started drawing, we are all familiar with the feeling of fear. Of doubt. Of not knowing how to move forward. Of being scared that the result will be terrible. Of what that says about us. Of what that says about who you are as a creative person, and that maybe you're not as creative or unique as you thought. 

But you most definitely are. 

I want to give you the tools to help explore the parts of you that are yet unexplored. 

This negative self-talk is so common and yet so destructive, because it sets up all these barriers within ourselves, building up walls before we've even walked onto the path ahead. The classes I teach focus on overcoming these inner hurdles and exploring the full potential of your inner creativity, which is a limitless pool of ideas and colors and lines and shapes. I want to teach you the same tools that have allowed me to unleash my creativity, so that you can learn to unleash yours. Like everything, it's a process, a step-by-step of moving forward, and then moving back, setbacks and failures and fear and self-doubt, and learning to acknowledge and love those parts, as indications that you are GOING SOMEWHERE. That's the most important part. :) 

OUTLINE:   (I hope it's ok that I wrote the outline in the body of the project, rather than as a link to the Google Doc! :) ) 

Video Lesson Title: 

Key points to drawing with confidence (3-4 minutes - Talking Head) -  In this video, I will talk about two key concepts in order to help unleash your creativity: relearning how to see and  practice, practice, practice. 

Video Lesson Title: 

What we often forget about (3-4 minutes - Talking Head) - In this video, I will talk about the idea of experimentation, exploration as being the doorway into our creativity, because it reconnects with the child within us. The part that feels free is willing to explore what happens for the sheer fun of it. This will also be a 'reminder' for those students who have already taken my first class (though it will be presented slightly differently in order to build on this concept, rather than simply repeat it). 

Video Lesson Title: 

Where our creativity is born (6-8 minutes - Talking head & Physical Demo) - In this video, I will explain what we're going to do in the class, and show the 'first part' to the students. That is, I will bring them outside and show them how what surrounds us every day can be a source of inspiration. I will talk about relearning how to see, and visually show what happens when you take notice of the things around you that you don't notice anymore. 

Video Lesson Title: 

Building something from the little things (5-6 minutes - Physical Demo): This will be a demo of how I used the elements outside in order to create a new drawing. I will show how to play with textures and colors and lines and tools and invite the student to do so in their own way. 

Video Lesson Title:

Thoughts to take home with you (3-4 minutes - Talking Head): I will talk about what I learned within this exercise in order to model the 'attitude' I am trying to teach within my class. I will talk about my failings and doubts, and also about my successes. I will remind the students that they have the capacity within themselves to bring themselves forward by allowing themselves to do so. By accepting their failings and by framing drawing not as a be-all-end-all, but rather as a living breathing space that shifts and flows and changes over times, like we do. Allowing this flexibility is what creates space within ourselves, what opens the doors to the creativity that lies within. 




UPDATE: My introductory video is online and my class is launched! You can sign up here.

I'm also curious what you think about the introductory video? Does it make you want to join? Thanks so much for your feedback, it's super helpful!

 Also, if you have any sort of feedback in terms of the class description and project, I'd love to hear it! :) 

Class description

Drawing is like reading - a skill that can be developed and honed; an activity that everyone can enjoy, even if you think you can't draw. By tapping into your intuitive side, and through 5 simple exercises, you will tap into your creativity, stretch your comfort zone and become more comfortable with drawing from your imagination.

If drawing is something you've always wanted to do, then this is the class for you. If you already have experience drawing but want to push yourself out of your comfort zone and tap into your creativity, this class is also for you!

In this class, you will learn several techniques to overcome fear and unleash your creativity - so that you fully experience the fun and freedom that comes with drawing from imagination.

Class project

Through 5 simple exercises, you will create drawings and put these concepts into practice by starting a sketchbook.   

Here are some examples of my work, which I've made using the techniques you will be applying in the class. 

This is called "Show me the way". 


This one is called " Light-years away, stars turn to dust". 



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