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Unleash your creativity: Draw without fear in 5 simple exercises

UPDATE: My introductory video is online and my class is launched! You can sign up here.

I'm also curious what you think about the introductory video? Does it make you want to join? Thanks so much for your feedback, it's super helpful!

 Also, if you have any sort of feedback in terms of the class description and project, I'd love to hear it! :) 

Class description

Drawing is like reading - a skill that can be developed and honed; an activity that everyone can enjoy, even if you think you can't draw. By tapping into your intuitive side, and through 5 simple exercises, you will tap into your creativity, stretch your comfort zone and become more comfortable with drawing from your imagination.

If drawing is something you've always wanted to do, then this is the class for you. If you already have experience drawing but want to push yourself out of your comfort zone and tap into your creativity, this class is also for you!

In this class, you will learn several techniques to overcome fear and unleash your creativity - so that you fully experience the fun and freedom that comes with drawing from imagination.

Class project

Through 5 simple exercises, you will create drawings and put these concepts into practice by starting a sketchbook.   

Here are some examples of my work, which I've made using the techniques you will be applying in the class. 

This is called "Show me the way". 


This one is called " Light-years away, stars turn to dust". 



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