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Unknown killer

Hi! this are my mood boards! based on different types of killer.

Korean Avenger (Hotline Caramel)

for the first one i´m thinking to shape my concept mixing a hot line miami game environment with a character who is a korean girl with  sportish neon colors -cartoon style with blood in her clothes. who travels maybe in a lancia gran prix and always have a coffeee in her hand or polaroid camera and a baseball bat in the other hand. ready to combat bad guys. she uses her polaroid to blind several foes, also she has a deadly weapon like the starck lemon squeezer to grip a foe. hahaha! this sounds weird! 

killer breakfast

i imagine the cute slide of bread with a cigarrette or coffe in his mouth and with a knife in the other hand threatening the happy fried egg.

Ninja Raccon

for this concept i magined  a cute raccon with stylish black suit and a red scarf and a samurai sword.


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