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Aaron Pascucci

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Unknown Royal

Unknown Royal is a concept based on the idea that there are leaders, icons, and experts in the world that many people are unaware of by name.  I know that it wasn't until I started taking classes here that I began to recognize certain industry professionals.  Unknown Royal in concept will not only be a clothing company but a lifestyle company that will strive to highlight these unknown industry leaders.

The crown was a clear choice for imagary as its been used to symbolize royalty for centuries.  I also felt that it carried enough detail to be strong while being a blank enough canvas to allow for continual reimagination of it.

Below is the first sketch I created.  I believe that this was modeled after some lettering that found while doing some research.


I then took this sketch and began the work in Illustrator.


After some much thought I realized that while i wanted to highlight detail in my drawings, it really was taking away from the overall concept and meaning of the image.  This lead to the toned down version which ultimately became the imagry I used.


While I did a lot of research on screen printing, working two jobs did not provide the time needed to set up my artwork approprately for even a minor run.  I did end up grabbing a pack of heat transfer images to complete the assignment.  


I will be doing a full production run of the final versions below. But on ringspun cotton T's and utalizing a waterbased discharge ink.



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