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Unknown Project

Hi Classmates!

My name is Andrew Martis, a designer originally from Buffalo, New York now living in Brooklyn. I am unsure on where to begin and what direction to take as far as figuring out a project to work on. I don't want to limit myself to scale but understand that it should be something that can be completed within this class.

I think I have many interests on both small and large scale that could maybe be turned into a side project/hobby. Some of those interests include but are not limited to riding bicycles, pizza, beer, local farming, sustainability, local communities/people, music, drawing, typography design, exploration and camping.

At some point during my life I want to travel to all 50 states which lead me to one idea, not sure if feasible or not, but I was thinking of doing a project I titled, 10x10x50. This would involve me traveling to all 50 states and connecting with 10 individuals doing awesome community based projects and then collecting those 10 stories for perhaps a book/blog/website/etc. I understand there are a lot of logistical things to consider and what not but hey it's an idea.

I am really curious about exploring other communities and learning about other individuals and who doesn't love seeing new places. It's also somewhat of an exploration of self, I consider myself somewhat of a shy person and I sometimes find it difficult to connect with new people especially in new places. I think this is a good way to give myself some accountability to actually get out and do it.

I'm open to new ideas, directions, beer suggestions and hobbies. So if anyone has any feedback, positive or negative, don't hesitate to throw it my way.




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