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Unknown Moon and Carnations


A picture I decided  to use as a basis for this assignment was in front of my eyes since very childhood. It is not a poster, but... it takes something personal for a proper take off...

Unfortunately, the name of the painter is a mystery much like the feeling the picture evokes. A strange planet-like sphere, which has a sort of concavity with a channel. 3 carnations to make it bold. 

So here's the rough overview of the process.

1. A picture to start with. Sorry for a rough crop. Surface of a sphere has subtle coloring, which become a challenge for me and a revelation, because I have seen the picture thousands and thousands of times, but understanding of its subtlety came to me only during the work. 

2. First, I traced those carnations. 

3. A copy of the flowers sans colours put behind produced a shadow.

4. Sphere shapes outlined.

5. First, I tried to reproduce surface and concavity colouring with gradient.

Rather bland.

6. How does it look with a background? 

7. Some different colours. But this time the surface colouring is made with gradient mesh. Concavity and channel are still in regular gradient. Not a big difference so far, but a whole new world at hand. 

8. Placed against background and carnations to try the further path...

9. No the time for the concavity and a channel.

and here are mesh oultines for the curious ones...

10. Background check.

11. Now is the fun part. Mesh gradient allowed to get subtle coloring the right way.

mesh outlines to get a good grasp...

12.  One more BG check to go...

13. Finishing 1. A rough paper texture and accidentally picked blending mode produced an interesting result.

14. And here is the second finishing I intended to make.

Thanks for reading this post. Hope you liked it:)) I would be glad if you leave a comment.


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