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Unknown Love



ADAPTATION FROM: Poem "the Unknown" from the Spoon River anthology By Edgar Lee Matters.


YE aspiring ones, listen to the story of the unknown

Who lies here with no stone to mark the place.

As a boy reckless and wanton,

Wandering with gun in hand through the forest

Near the mansion of Aaron Hatfield,

I shot a hawk perched on the top

Of a dead tree.

He fell with guttural cry

At my feet, his wing broken.

Then I put him in a cage

Where he lived many days cawing angrily at me

When I offered him food.

Daily I search the realms of Hades

For the soul of the hawk,

That I may offer him the friendship

Of one whom life wounded and caged.


Why do I choose this text?

I was capture by the Spoon River anthology just immediately   so I finished it really fast,  I enjoyed the way the poems were written and found a relationship between all of them.

 “The Unknown” gave me a lot to think about, especially because I interpreted as a way to tell a secret, someone was feeling something but couldn’t know how to express it.  The poem talks about a person who was buried without a name, someone forgotten with no apparently reason, so I start thinking in reasons for what the unknown was there, a prohibited love?   A forbidden relationship?

A few names from others poems were kept in my mind and I thought it’ll be interesting if I included on my story, and that’s how Ms. Merrit arrived to the Hatfield Mansion.  Specially cause I was needing a character who can use the type of language the poem was written, for example: “Daily I search the realms of Hades, for the soul of the hawk” witch I paraphrases on the end of my script.

Hope you’ll enjoy it!

NOTES FROM THE AUTHOR: Hi classmates! If you read my script and leave a comment I will be really apreciate it, and off course will do the same for yours. I think feedback is one of the most important steps on this process. :)

PS: My first language is Spanish, so excuse me in advance if my english writing is not 100% correct. :) 


LOGLINE: Aaron only knows the love that his people, Spoon River have given to him; He think to be living the life he wants, but is he really the person in charge of his own decisions?

SCRIPT VERSION: Final Draft, I think this is ready, off course I could keep working on it over and over agin, but I think I have a very good piece that match the goal for this class.

I hope you enjoy it if you have the chance to read it! and off course if I'm one of the choosen ones... well no have words to explain how I will feel! 

Final Draft: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9ON0wrdUL7DQ25tMHZ3aGNSeUU/edit?usp=sharing

Draft 4: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9ON0wrdUL7DNU5oalU3TXBzZTA/edit?usp=sharing

Draft 3: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9ON0wrdUL7DdE9lTFYwOVFMM00/edit?usp=sharing

Draft 2:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9ON0wrdUL7DSUhsM0tvVnNTNUk/edit?usp=sharing


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