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Unknown Kulture

Name: Nick Jenkins

Location: Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Brand Name: Unknown Kulture

Positive Progression. 





Unknown Kulture was created by a collective of like-minded individuals who believe in infinite possibilities and refuse to conform to the expectations of society. 

Unknown Kulture is not limited by definition. We are always expanding and growing as individuals and collectively as a company. 

We design and make clothes we want to wear. 

Our inspiration derives from various different cultures and subcultures across the world and those inspirations are projected through our products. Most people tend to try to label you and put you into their little box of who you should be or how things should be done and our brand is a direct response to that. That's why our influences are worldwide because we will not be stagnated creatively.

We understand the limitations we face starting out as a new brand but we work everyday in order to progress and push the culture forward. 

We are defining who we are. 

We extend an open invitation to all like-minded people who want to progress. 

This was our first logo created in October 2012. The incorporation of the U & K woven together.

We then created this floral graphic which we decided to put on a tee and hand out to our friends.

In November we unveiled our debut tee to the world. We didn't have a website active. We just used word of mouth to spread the beginning of the brand. 

We were fortunate to receive a lot of interest locally and online. We decided not to hesitate anymore and released the tee online.

We decided to turn the logo around to make the design more aesthetically pleasing. This was a purely design decision at first but as time went on people slowly figured out that when the design was turned on the side then it was actually a U & K together. This turned out to be a plus for us as people liked the hidden message within the design.

To our surprise we started receiving more and more orders for the tee.

Not only in the UK but worldwide such as New York and Paris which was a defining moment for us to know that people across the globe were down with the clothes and the message.

We also started a small sticker campaign encouraging people to take creative pictures with their stickers in order to win some free UK merch.

We had a lot of entries most notably LA & Amsterdam. 

We naturally expanded the brand over the coming months to release our first collection on July 1st 2013.

Although it was a summer collection we built the collection around the idea of the British Summer. The British summer isn't your average summer. We have around two weeks of sunshine and the rest of the time it is either raining or cloudy.  So we designed with this in mind.

The collection consisted of our Unknown Hoody and Team Beanie.

The UK Affiliated Tee.

The Unknown Sweatshirt.

The reintroduction of the Black Summer Floral Tee.

Clouded Vision Tee.

These are a selection of photos we have been sent from customers and supporters of the brand:


White House


These are the humble beginnings of Unknown Kulture.

We will grow and expand as time goes on and continue to design and manufacture clothes we would want to wear. 

We had no connections within this industry when we started and we made a lot of mistakes but the positive response from people worldwide has driven us to continue to grow and prosper.

Any feedback is welcomed. Positive or negative we are pleased to be part of this process and skillshare class and we have seen so many dope brands already enrolled so hopefully we can continue to build and learn with you guys.

We will update the project as we progress with the class.

Take It Easy


Unknown Kulture


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