University Homepages for Bioengineering Departments

University Homepages for Bioengineering Departments - student project

Hi everyone--

I work at UCSF and am helping to design the UCSF Bioengineering graduate program website. The program is a joint program between UCSF and UC Berkeley, but currently there is only a UC Berkeley website.

The program one of five graduate programs in the UCSF Quantitative Biosciences Consortium (QBC). The websites were recently redesigned for all other programs within the QBC, so the Bioengineering page will mimic the content on these pages. Thus, for my content audit, I focused on one of the existing QBC pages even though it is not Bioengineering.

In order to narrow the scope for this project, I decided to focus only on the homepages for Bioengineering programs since univeristy homepages are notoriously under-informative for the viewer (see the cartoon in my slides from XKCD that made quite a buzz a few years ago). I decided to look at the top 3 Bioengineering programs according to US News & World Report to see what they were and were not doing, and then compared the homepage of one of the QBC programs to those.

Feedback is definitely welcome. This is the first time I have done a thorough, and documented, competitor/content analysis and I'd really appreicate guidance on if my notions of what is most important for the viewer is on target. 

Here is the link to the presentation.