University Dark Matter

This is my first attempt at writing a mini essay for my instagram @valentineacademia. This is the Instagram I created for my blog, where I discuss academic administrative issues, review ed admin books, and document my life as a grad student studying educational policy. My goal is to bring heart back into the field of ed admin, and to show people what working "behind the scenes" of a university is like. This is my first Instagram post, where I try to provide people with a metaphor for understanding the mechanics of how a university runs - originally I was going to go with a clock metaphor, but settled instead of the image of dark matter, which is the stuff you don't see in the universe, but which holds it all together. This can be a dry topic, but I hope I've made it interesting!

001.VA.05.02.2016. University Dark Matter.

Years ago, I became fascinated with how universities work. As an undergrad student, I studied various subjects, all of them interesting but none quite so interesting as how university culture and rituals were formed. I wanted to learn about the invisible administrative curriculum that you don't see - I wanted to learn about university dark matter.

I began my own anthropological study on the phenomenon of the invisible administrative curriculum by becoming a student of it. Working in university administration and studying educational policy have helped me to understand this bizarre and wonderful world that is the university. I started this project in an attempt to teach myself the things that I cannot learn in a classroom and somehow articulate the undeniable importance of dark matter as a new metaphor for academic administration - the stuff that we cannot see; that which holds worlds and stars together.

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C. Valentine


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