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Georgina Lake

Aspiring Creative Marketer



University Brand

Your Business or Brand:

My Story:

I am an aspiring marketing assistant for a university. The job of my dreams after working in retail as a school leaver in 2004 and going through college and university myself. Since narrowly missing out on a position in the same department earlier this year I am determined to make a success of 2014! In an attempt to learn, and express what I am capable of. I would like to present myself with simple and meaningful ways to continue the university's success.

The Brand:

As one of the oldest English higher education establishments the university has a rich history. The first purpose built buildings for the training of teachers. It now has 16,000 plus students from the UK and all over the world. Millions of pounds are being invested with a strong emphasis to make students feel at home. The pursuit of excellence at it's core, and principles of equality, diversity and freedom of enquiry.

11 Questions:

1) What is Marketing for?

Marketing is a means to engage and interact with individuals you wish to do business with one way or another. It is about demonstrating who you are, what you do, and why you do it. To tell the story of your product so vividly that individuals want to share it.

2) What are we allowed to touch?

Anything wild and wonderful is possible.

3) What can we as marketers measure?

Almost all things digita -l websites, social media as well as feedback from public, local businesses, students and facility members.

4) What can we change?

Anything, apart from the price of the education.

5) What promise are you going to make?

That the university is there to support you even after your degree, and you won't regret your choice in the future.

6) What's the hard part?

Competing in a busy market place, and motivating students to engage, share and recommend. Reaching the top university listings and staying there. Reaching out to schools and colleges to communicate with future students.

7) Should your organization be making trends or following trends?

Higher education is a trend. In the sense that more people study at university now than ever before, but some are choosing not to because of the increasing costs. It needs to be clear how the costs can be outwayed by the benefits.

(Both - as a place of learning and innovation it should be setting trends more.)

8) Where is the risk?

Risking the university’s reputation, students education and funding. Feeling of being let down, regret, worry and depression for students future.

9) Who is in charge?

The principle, directors and marketing manager ultimately decide. But I must take charge of everything required to do my job as a marketer.

10) Marketers spend money. Where are you spending the money? What is it for?

I would not be a budget holder, although I must act within guidelines and always take into consideration the cost of any idea. Possibly events & promotions.

11) How should you be spending your time?

Researching, developing, monitoring. Planned daily tasks - not what should I do next set out by others.

Diploma Scroll

Stage. 1

a) Emotion. So you send off for a prospectus from 'blank' university. The next morning the post arrives, and you have a package. Laid in front of you is a package that has been designed to look like your diploma scroll. It's even got your name on it. Rolled up inside is your prospectus.

b) Change 


c) Alert. Inside your prospectus is a call to action and the university’s promises to the prospective student. Use this scroll to get you through the tough times to come; we warn you now there will be some. But the great times will out weigh them, with your effort and willingness to succeed. By giving you this scroll now we promise to support you, make you feel right at home and let you enjoy the experience. You won't regret it! 

d) Share In exchange for these promises we want to see you with your scrolls sharing, tweeting and filming videos of yourselves making a promise to yourself to be handed the real thing in our prestigious ceremony cathedral when you graduate. We also want to give you extra scrolls and prospectuses in order that you can share them with friends and family. Get creative with your sharing, how about getting the whole family involved. We just might reward you with something nice for the best ones!


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