Universe & Cup

I chose randomly Universe and Cup and started in the usual way with lots of sketching and word association, trying to build a narrative.


My concept is a bit random but I decided that universe was about everything, namely the theory of everything, and I liked the idea of combining maths equations and planets together trying to get over a sense of looking to the universe for answers about ourselves and well everything :)  The cupped hands gave it a human link and suggests that the answers are in our hands.

Here's the initial sketch. I ended up changing the shape of the hands to looked more cupped


And from that my kit of parts. I usually work this way and combine it later in photoshop.


And then my final piece. I didn't add any colour as I liked the duo-tone look and feel.


I also added it to a fake article just to see what it looks like. I think it turned out very nice and this is something i'll definitely do again to get the creative juices flowing.




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