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United States 2014 World Cup Kit (updated with kits 4/24)


CURRENT STAGE: PRIMARY AND SECONDARY KITS (updated 4/24)- will continue to post updates below!

I will be designing an entire kit line for the United States to debut for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.  I will be including a primary, secondary, and goalkeeper kits.  There is also the possibility that I may create a special third kit.

Traditionally the Yanks have been white at home (mixing either white or navy blue shorts) and navy blue on the road (with either white or navy blue shorts).  However, as we'll see in my mood board, there has been a vast variety of designs in the federation's history.  The US have used plain tops, verical striping, horizontal hoops, sashes, pinstripes, as well as an array of custom designer templates (see 2002 World Cup or some Adidas models prior to 1994).  Red has also been an occasional color of choice for away or alternate tops.  Red was used in the 1998 World Cup, a send off match before the 2006 World Cup, a third shirt for the 2011 Gold Cup, and is now heavly featured in the current hoops model (which happens to be very similar to the 1994 shirt).

If you're paying attention to history and how it relates to the US, you might pick up on the fact that 2014 will be the twenty year anniversary of the United States hosting the World Cup.  That World Cup became a pinnacle moment in US soccer history and was the catalyst for increasing interest and quality in the sport domestically.  To this day, 1994 was and still is the most attended World Cup in history.

As the US progresses through qualification and aims to secure a spot in Brazil next year, the new kit design for 2014 will take inspirational cues from that monumentous moment in American soccer history.  While the designs may have been slightly garish, the hosts of 1994 laid the groundwork for where soccer has become today in the States.

My goal in this project will be create and implement a kit for the 2014 World Cup and provide both the player and the supporter with throwback elements to 1994.  I will take input from all aspects of US history with extra emphasis on 1994.  I aim to design a toned down version of that chapter in American soccer history that remains relevant and fashionable in today's world.

Please follow along with my project and I will gladly take comments or input.  Thank you!

FIRST UP: MOOD BOARD (right click and open in new tab for full resolution)

Mood Board



USA Home

The home kit follows general US protocol for the primary kit.  An all white look with navy blue trim harkens back to tradition and conveys a very "American" look.  Upper shoulder detailing features stars amidst a navy field and red and white stripes.  Clear inspiration for this feature is derived from the American flag.  The feature is seen again as it continues into the navy blue cuffs.  The inner neckline reads "Don't Tread on Me" and the outer neckline features the DTOM snake.


USA Away

The away kit clearly derives inspiration from the 1994 World Cup look.  However, many alterations bring this look back to traditon.  Instead of the "faux denim" color, classic American navy color is seen throughout.  A subtle star pattern recalls the 1994 jersey but in a much more subtle manner.  The American flag striping motif is reflected upon the cuffs and socks turnover.  The inner neckline reads "Don't Tread on Me" and the outer neckline features the DTOM snake.



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