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Unit T Shirt for Women

5th June 2013

Hi everyone! My name's Karri and I'm so excited to be starting this course. Fair warning, I'm Australian and will be saying 'colour' not 'color'. 

So, the brand I've decided to go with is Australian extreme sports brand Unit. The first time I saw a Unit shirt was at a party, and even though it was super sexist it stuck in my head for a long time. 

It told me immediately that the brand was for men, that it was fun, and that it wasn't afraid to be offensive. It garnered some begrudging respect from me.

It wasn't until two years or so later that I saw the shirt that would really pique my interest in the brand.

When I read this on a strangers back I could have ripped it off them, what an amazingly bold and thought provoking statement. It brings up all kinds of imagery and ideas. To this day, it is probably one of my favourite lines from a shirt.

While, Unit was/is still relatively sexist,

after seeing the "in dirt we trust" shirt I started reading up on the brand. Paul Everest was studying Graphic Design at university (like me) and he hated it. He designed the 'spark plug' logo there and recieved a fail mark. 

He then started making shirts with his brother in his parents garage, and now it is an exceedingly popular brand here in Australia. I must admit that the rags to riches story really endears me to the brand. Reading about Paul's story was what made me want to design t-shirts.

In their Unit Clothing: The Story video they have this quote "Without limitations, censorship or corporate boardrooms, Unit represents the spirit of the next generation of progression." Using this quote as a guide I have decided to design a shirt for their female audience, while women could certainly wear any of their shirts, and they do have a women's clothing line, I believe they are not fully meeting the demand from female extreme athletes (or supporters of extreme sports). The shirts they have that are aimed towards women are more or less saying that they are supporters, not athletes. I am aiming to design a shirt that will meet this demand.



5th June 2013

I'm back again (like an hour later). So, I had a few ideas, my main one being altering a famour one-liner so that it was representative of women in extreme sports. I found this incredibly difficult, so I decided to waste time on YouTube. Whilst I was procrastinating I heard a line that I thought would be perfect. The line was from the film The Limey (which I have never seen), the main character calls out to a man who is running away "You tell him, you tell I'm coming. Tell him I'm f*cking coming!". I thought I could change one word. "I'm" to "we're". The 'we' representing women, "him" representing men. I want it to come across like a warning that women are rising in the field, and they're going to be fierce competitors.

So here are two of my sketches. The first I realised was all wrong as soon as I drew the first line. Taking breasts into account, I don't the image will have the full impact compared to the across the chest design.

My idea for reinforcing that this is a female power shirt is to have the logo in pink (cliche I know, but effective). So black shirt, white text, pink logo. White shirt, black text, pink logo. Pink shirt, black text, white logo.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.




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