My inspiration from nature were defenitly flowers, birds and butterflies.

My inspiration/mood board

So then I started drawing some sketches, everything it came to mind. I also used some paint and painted some lines and arrows...

I decided to use word from my name of the project: Unique. Here is my sketch.

I used a few photographs to create color palette and I added a few other colors

I didn't use some of the colors at the end.

I used some of the photographs from whitch I drew and used image trace on.

Then I start putting my sketches in vector. I used image trace and blob brush and I also incorporated some pictures in my design. At the end of this pictures you can see motifs and at the top you can see colored motifs.

So I did my final pattern in 2 color ways. Here are in smaller scale that you can see the repeat. Otherwise I would do much bigger scale.

I also did coordinates for this pattern. You can see them below.

I also colored my word unique:

That's it! Hope you like my project :)

A few mock-ups


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