Olena Shkliaieva

PhD Student, artist



Unique travel experience

I'm currently thinking to use my photography skills and love to exploring cities to combine it into a freelance business. 

So the need is to get professional shots in a trip without having to ask people around or taking selfies. And also making the best out of the weekend in the city - e.g. having a local to show you around. 

So my brand will be called HelenSh (which is my name) - maybe you would have creative associations - I would appreciate that. 

HelenSh is a photographer who helps you to reveal your personality and enjoy the city in a memorable way. 


Superlative - I'm really good at showing around and finding unique places in the city + I will interview people to know what they like, prefer in travelling to create a personalised way through the city. 

Important - Having nice pictures and seeing the main sights + joy is important

Believable - quite believable. 

Memorable - I guess it can be remembered as a personalized photography tour. 

Tangible - so I will create the experience for each customer and also deliver the results in 24H so that they could post their pictures immediately. 


+ There are many photographers out there, but usually, photo session takes time etc. I want to capture the real-life experience and make it meaningful and enjoyable. 


Please, let me know what you think about the whole idea.  I would really appreciate some guidance on that. 





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