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Unique Tyranid Gaunts

Okay, here's the start of my project. I'm going to go in a bit of different direction than other people have a and try and create something for a specific established universe, but make a unique variant (or two or three) on that theme. 

What I've choosen is to create a unique Tyranid swarm from the Warhammer 40,000 universe. For those of you who don't know, the Tyranids are a hoard of esentially alien bugs that absorb biomatter and DNA to create new variations of themselves. Specifically, I'm going to start by focusing on Termagaunts, which are basically small, shooty cannon foder. 

Here's my list so far.

I've been interested in idea of spider like Tyranids for while, and I'm imaginging them as being really good hiders and lurkers. That also made me think of the flea a bit, since I'm betting that these little buggers would be good at jumping into hard to reach places. 

Some preliminary sketchs: 

Six silhouettes. Will try and add some more when I get the time. 



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