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Crys Davis

Watercolor lover (beginner)



Union Jack Shoes...

Well - there has to be a worst in every class (grin) - here's my first shoe entry/attempt!  How do you paint refined lines?  My shading came out a little to purple.  Practice, practice!  :-)

Hi guys!  I love watercolor, but am not the best sketcher - that aspect of my watercolor game needs work!  I bought these Russian paints off ebay a month ago and have been dying to give them a go, so today I combined two lovely things into one (trying my new paints & making a paint chart for this fantastic online watercolor class - thanks Katie).  I am stunned at the knock your socks off blues and greens that came out of these pans today - they are to die for!  So, tomorrow I hope to tackle a shoe assignment and to experiment some more with these gorgeous colors! 

Everybody's charts and shoe sketches look spectacular!!  :-)


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