Union Black Work Wear

Union Black Work Wear - student project

Union Black started as a custome clothier for workers who built the railroads as well as their equipment and tools. The word "Union" came directly from the transportation company brands and the word "Black" symbolizes the level of work that went into building a countries first true attempt at transportation infrastructure. The work was tough and dirty and the men needed gear that would hold up and protect them from the elements.

As with most brands of this ilk, they are from a bygone era and eventually stopped production in the early 1930s. But Union Black has made a bit of a comeback over the past five years. They've introduced several lines of work gear based on their original designs and fits. They have a vintage fit and toughness that appeals to a wide audience and anyone who craves originality and taste. Over the past few months they have started selling a limited number of original railroad work tools and materials that have been modified slightly that are both functional and beautiful to look at.

Union Black stands behind every product it sells and has a lifetime warantee on all of its products.

Union Black - Work at Full Steam - Men of Steel

Moodboard (done prior to any sketching):

Union Black Work Wear - image 1 - student project

I've worked up a series of sketches for this label/logo design. I've used a lot of pieces from the moodboard above and other found ephemera to create these. I'd love to know if y'all think any of these have value, constructive criticism, other ideas, etc. Please don't be afraid to hurt my feelings.

Union Black Work Wear - image 2 - student project

Friday, May 31--

I worked up some new sketches....while at work...just to mess around with. I think that all the swirly stuff is great, but maybe not right for this project. Plain, strong, and heavy is probably some of the feeling i should be going for. If anyone has some time, I'd love to get some feedback on these. Thanks!

Union Black Work Wear - image 3 - student project

Union Black Work Wear - image 4 - student project

Thursday, June 13, 2013:

I've worked up a few more sketches for this logo/label trying to think of it within a shape and use less scripty and ornate typefaces. I've also worked on incorporating stronger railroad tool imagery. Any feedback is most welcome!

Union Black Work Wear - image 5 - student project

Jeffrey Talley
UX/UI Designer