Unicorn, what else!

When I started thinking about what animal I could choose, I asked Celeste, my 4-year old daughter, for her opinion and she immidiately answered, without any hesitation, "choose a unicorn mom, I love unicorns!".

After such enthusiasm I could not disappoint her and I therefore chose the unicorn.

After all, it's not because we've never seen one that it doesn't exist and Celeste has no doubt at all. They do exist in her world. That made me think about perception and reality and it all became clear.

Reality is in the eye of the beholder.

So I chose to keep her dream alive and that is the message I want to spread.

Keep the dream alive

Now I just have to do it... 


After having done a few sketches, I realized the emphasis was not so much on the unicorn, so I changed the message and opted for "Unicorns rule" instead.



I chose the last one (bottom left corner) and I then started on the final drawing.


Then the inking...


and the final version on the mac


I wanted this as a poster for my daughter so I used her favorite colors...

I really enjoyed this class and learned so much. I am new to hand lettering and I definitely need to practice... a lot! 

Thank you for any comments and/or advices.

Thank you for checking my project and good luck with yours !

This challenge was fuuun! :-))


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