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Maria Bovenko




Unicorn kingdom and Foxes

Thank you for this very inspiring and helpful class. It's amazing to learn from you. 

I'm kind of amazed by how my creative engine works. It's a magic hat: you just put everything in and "abracadabra!" - and you never know what you get out of it. As Karina does, I'm also listening to audio books, while drawing. Also I keep in mind a number of things that inspire me at the moment. 

So here I was going to make some watercolour, as we are supposed to, followed the instructions. Cut the piece into four..


But I've had some troubles with scanning the watercolour. What are the preferences that you use, guys? My scanned piece looked awful, so I've decided to make a graphic pattern for now. Hmm.. Victorian style? Unicorns? Mythology? Hey, why not? I made a sketch and cut it into pieces (seems I'm still living in an anologue world)


That's what I've got. Kaboom! 




So after some days I thought it was time to make some watercolour pattern, combined with graphic. That's what I have:


UPD: Thank you, Karina, for your feedback. 
I've added some forest spirits 


UPD 28 dec:
I'm afraid I can't stop! :) 
Made one more pattern with raccoons. Guys, if you have some comments about it, do tell me! 


Thanks againg for the class. 
Cheers and love!


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