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Edie Hernandez

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Unicorn Magic

The animal I chose for my project is a unicorn - my kids favorite animal!  My goal was to create a fun illustration that I could use as a wall hanging in my kids bedroom.

I started with a little brainstorm on unicorns and tried to think of a phrase to illustrate.  I was trying to think of something about dreams or magic but then decided that I would just stick with the word "unicorn."  (Sorry the scan is so bad... apparently, I wrote too lightly with my pencil)


I took those ideas and drafted some really, really rough thumbnails to get a sense of what I wanted to do.


From there, I created 2 larger sketches of my favorite thumbnails and finally landed with the following "final" sketch of my unicorn.  I plan to ink and digitize it at a later time and will be sure to edit my project to include the completed version.  For now, this is what I have!  My kids love it and I can't wait to color it :-)  Thanks for a great class!



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