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Marta Valentín




Unicorn Girl


Seriously, this was terribly hard for me!
This is my first time with thumbnails and I never imagined that being able to get great shapes could be so difficult. All of you did this so well that I'm quite ashmed with my poor thumbnails!

My design is for a quite old character of mine based on anthropomorphic unicorn race. Well, in fact it first was a steampunk soldier girl, then was a cyber woman and finally came to what is now As I said, this was quite difficult for me!

These were my first concepts, the cyber ones. But I was not really happy :(


So I changed my mind and tried a little harder, this time with the unicorn themed girl.

EDIT: Added new poses following other users indications. Thanks for the comments! :)

Now is time to choose!


I was not sure about which ones looked better, but I tried the ones I liked the most.

This was also a hard step!  I'm not used at all to this kind of work! In the third one the anatomy looks a bit strange, even if the characters are themselves quite stylized. I like first and second one. Which one do you prefer?


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