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My brand is called Unfortunate. For short its UNFTNT. March of this year we put out our first product. It was a hoodie that had a logo on the back of it that says "Support Your Local Hoodlums." As we did this it gave us the idea of calling our hoodies "hoodlums." To me it sounds cool and people can associate them together pretty easily since they both have "hood" at the beginning. Hoodlums can wear hoodies right, no stereotyping haha. It was just a random small phrase that came to us and we liked the sound of it. Hopefully people don't think that were all troublemaking hoodlums. I promise we aren't all the time. You can check us out on our website and insta!


Instagram @UNFTNT #unftnt

Hit us up and I'll send you guys stickers!


A slogan that we came up with that really stuck with us simply is "We Are All.."

Since our brand name is called Unfortunate, when you hear the phrase We Are All and then you think of the name of our brand it automatically comes together. It may sound negative and emo but it sounds pretty hard at the same time. A little slogan we have along with Support Your Local Hoodlums is the Bad Luck Brigade. We're always coming up with these little catchy phrases that add to our brand name.

Here is our wordmark. Everyone who knows our brand now recognizes this logo very well. I get txts from my friends and they're like, hey I just seen someone at six flags and the state fair wearing one of your shirts. Its so sick to me that they can recognize our logo like that at an amusement park where the kids are wearing all types of brands. I also think that our shirts are becoming peoples new favorite items of clothing in their wardrobe. They tell us all the time how many compliments people give them on their shirts. I remember as a kid when I would go to six flags or any amusement park I would always try an go hella fitted haha. So if kids are wearing our shirts to an amusement park where thousands of people are seeing them, then it must be their favorite shirt. So i'm hoping that our logo will also turn into an icon where its identifiable and well known with everyone.


We tried to make the pricing of our clothes reasonable, but not so cheap that it descredits the work we do. We sell our T shirts for $25 and sweaters and jackets for $45.  It's a reasonable price that most people can afford while also showing that our shirts aren't cheap little $10 T shirts you would find at Wal-Mart or Target. We've only had two releases and a few shops have asked us to give them some of our releases to sell in their shops. We are still very small and it sounds like a sick idea, but we want to try and stay a brand where people can only purchase from our store. So to make room for both of the ideas we've decided that when someone asks us to put our clothes in their shop we'll collab with them and make a special shirt for them that the people can only get in their shop. We are about to do our first collab with a local skateshop and we won't even stock it in our own stores. It'll only be able to be purhcased from the skateshop.

Thank you guys so much for taking the time to look at my brand. It would mean so much for you guys to follow my brand. I really think you'll like the things we come up with. Hit me up and I'll send you some stickers!! @UNFTNT @Yacineismean. I also want to check out all of your brands and get some new shit!  I like to support small brands and rock their clothes because I love when people look at what i'm wearing and ask me what it is. Thanks dudes. Stay up! We are all Unfortunate.


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