Unfolding Day

Unfolding Day - student project

Hello zine gang...

Here's my rough map of some of my main loves...

Unfolding Day - image 1 - student project

I always gravitate back to flora and fauna: flowers, leaves, birds, feathers and the weather, my favourite collections of talismans, butterflies, kachina dolls and plastic totem poles, rocks, and driftwood, my children's paintings of trees and birds and stormy weather.

I'm inside more these days while its cold outside – Autumn heading into Winter – with the heater on, and the weather alternating from bight blue sunny skies to thunder and lightning, and torrential rain, so inspired by what see from where I work, together with what I love...my zine concept dawned on me as sketched out which face to make as the cover...

I haven't sketched out the story yet...but here's my rough scribble that gave me the idea, so now I know how I'd like to evolve it...

Unfolding Day - image 2 - student project

Unfolding Day - image 3 - student project

Unfolding Day - image 4 - student project

Unfolding Day - image 5 - student project

some images can  run onto other pages, a bit like my view...

Unfolding Day

A one-page zine that portrays the scene I watch unfold each day from my desk. I'd like to focus on the flora and fauna... 

I have windows in front of me and to the left and right, so I see a panoramic story…every day the neighbours cat strolls by on his circuit, I hear hammers banging, bees visit the flowers right alongside, birds pop by, sometimes inside, and brightly-coloured rosella parrots fly by, our next-door dog rushes in when my kids get home from school. 

Zine format / size

One page with illustrations and a larger image on the reverse page. I'm still deciding on a size...


105mm  x 148mm (printed 2 sides, folded a3)


148mm x 210mm  (printed 2 sides, folded a2)

I'd love to do it in colour, or look at a risograph but I'm still researching this! (Not sure if there is a risograph in NZ)

I am thinking I'd like to make a colouring book version, so kids can interact with it, and also colour in. I could produce a small version myself on my laser printer out of a4 as a black and white only version easily.

Unfolding Day - image 6 - student project

Kimberley Renwick
Illustrator, designer, dreamer