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Unexpected Encounters

This is a journey to Village Tsdo. A tiny village in Kazbegi region, Georgia, on the alltitude of 1800 meters from sea level.

It is one spectacular village, counting only 3-4 families, that is 5-6 inhabitants if all of them happen to be there. Winters are practically unbearable there, and in spring/summer if you are luck you might come across a living being. I was lucky and i met this lovely lady, Mrs. Sophia, 75 years old. In the begining she was a little suspicious and reserved (not very fond of my camera either), but after a little while she figured i was not a particularly bad person and she opened up, utterly happy to have seen another human being.  She started talking to me with excitement, invited me in her house and offered me coffee (the only thing she had at the moment). She mentined a few times how boring it gets when there is no one to talk to. She tried to keep me there for as long as possible, but i had to leave. This is not the end of the story though. I'm going back there in 2 weeks with a friend. We promised to bring some food, fruits and anything useful that comes to mind, cause its needless to say there is no store of any kind in the village. 

Looking forward to the visit and spending some time with Sophia; a truly amazing person, with a sense of humor everyone would be jealous of.  Should be hearing a lot of interesting stories too. :) 


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