Undisputed Design - Boxing Marketing Portfolio SIte

Undisputed Design - Boxing Marketing Portfolio SIte - student project


First code challenge done! It ain't pretty but I definitely feel like I am learning quite a lot. Videos were really good so far, and I am excited to bring this to the next level!




Hey guys,

I am a graphic designer/art director originally from Montreal. I have really focused on print marketing throughout my career, and I have seen the writing on the wall for quite some time that I NEED to update my skills and learn how to set up a website!!

I have kind of specialized the last few years in sports marketing, specifically Boxing, a sport that I absolutely love. I started in the boxing business doing T-Shirt designs for some fighters in 2007, and that parlayed into a full time contract with a boxing promotional company from 2010 until this past July, when I felt the need to just branch out on my own and leverage the contacts I had made in the industry.

I have just started my own boxing marketing company called Undisputed Design, and I am hoping that through this class, I can create a cool portfolio website that is hopefully a little interactive, and can really show my potential clients what I can offer.

I currently have some of my work up on Cargo Collective if anyone is interested:

www.cargocollective.com/undisputeddesign and my personal portfolio at www.cargocollective.com/jasontoufexis.

Good luck to everyone!