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Understated Dynamics

For my mood board I wanted just pulled what moved me. I unintentionally pulled a lot of black and white images initially but then just ran with it. After I was done, I began analyzing each image and was amazed at how black and white with structure can still be as engaging and thought provoking as images with full on color. As an emerging Stylist I think it would be beneficial to try my hand at conveying similar perceptions through my own work. 

Even though some images have pops of color, I'm more so zoning in on the low key body positioning/placement and structure of the clothes, while maintaining a certain 'ease' (i.e. more form fitting and laid back with heavier fabrics vs free falling garments). I'm looking forward to putting my mere perception into execution. 

I'm thinking about shooting against a gritty baltimore cobblestone building or brookstone building. Although I probably would have better luck finding that backdrop in Washington, D.C. So as you can see, I'm still bubbling with ideas. I look forward to seeing everyone else's projects. 


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