Jake Dunlap

Head of Sales and Customer Success



Understanding the Dark Side: Sales and Operations for your company

Summary of the Class:

I promise that sales people are good people at the core much like our friend Darth Vader. 

The goal of this class is to help non-sales people understand the basics of a sales organization and it's reason for being. I don't want to teach you how to cold call or close your first deal because you don't care and it may or may not help you in the future.

We are going to focus on three key areas for this class:

  • The role of sales in the organization...besides the obvious
  • The quanatative side of sales
  • How to work with sales people most effectively.  This includes roles, incentives, structure, process, and some pieces of the actual sales process.

Who is this class designed to help?

Anyone who has not worked at the executive level of sales.  Startup CEOs and engineers.  Product and Finance people.  Photographers, spelunkers, shut-ins and anyone else looking to better understand a sales organization

By the end of this class, you will be able to work with your sales coworkers more effectively and understand how this group fits into your business.  You wil have a big leg up over your collegues in your understanding of the complete business.

Goals for the end of the class:

By the end of this class, you will be super prepared to understand sales from the highest level and how to work better with sales ladies and guys.

What will we accomplish:

1. Identify sales structures and roles in consumer vs. enterprise companies

  • Roles
  • Day to day
  • Fit with other departments
  • Incentive structures

2. Have fun

3. Final Project will be to outline structure and roles in your industry, how that fits into the puzzle, and then reasons why this is necessary for your company


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