Understanding colors

Understanding colors - student project

This is mi first class from the Art Essentials series... I love color and really felt like giving it a try

Understanding colors - image 1 - student project

This is my one color exercise... it was quite the challenge, I think it would have been easier to use the plant instead of the glass but I really, really liked all the reflections and the play of light. My heart really wanted to try painting that red glass. Also, it was a sunny day and decided to use natural light to paint (those are rare days in the middle of winter), but that meant the lights and shadows changed super fast as the sun started to set. I had to paint faaaaast which I think it was a good thing, less overthinking.


Understanding colors - image 2 - student project

To be honest, even if it is wonky, I feel my glass looks closer to what I saw that day, than how it looks in the photograph. At least it looked shinier and prettier to me. 


Moving on to the main project, I chose "Ovid banished from Rome" (1838) by William Turner. I was tempted to choose a painting from Rothko and go easy, but aaaaah these colors are gorgeuous!

Understanding colors - image 3 - student project


I worked with 4 colors: Ultramarine, Titanium white, Cadmium Red (hue) and Cadmium Yellow (hue): 

Understanding colors - image 4 - student project


Understanding colors - image 5 - student project

Understanding colors - image 6 - student project


Thank you Jennifer!






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