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Understanding The Map Through Making It


However, I do know why I am making it: because I want to! I've been having a bit of a battle with my creativity lately and this is one of the first projects that has enticed me in a while. Should be fun!

Here are some ideas:

  1. Make a map of my favorite places. This would actually be multiple maps in a series. It would start at a global leval with general pins and then have zoomed in local places that highlight my favorite restauraunts, places, my homes, etc. I'm my target audience for this one— and I guess the random folk who would grace my website as I think I would make this map for web viewing. I would probably want to include addresses for the restaurants. Other things to think about: style, do I want drawings, photographs, or just typographic representations? How detailed do I want to be in my depictions? Just general places or small snippets of accurate map?
  2. Make a map of my hometown, my bff's hometown & the town we go to school at as a graduation present. This map would be really simple, just sillhouettes of the towns filled with patterns. Maybe there would be a typographic element, either outside the maps or within as the pattern element.
  3. Make a map of my friendship with another closefriend for her graduation present.


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