Undersea Toile

Hi! I'm Alison, currently a graphic design student in Minnesota. I used to work in the scrapbooking industry and developed a passion for patterns.

I decided to go with an under the sea theme and wanted to include creatures, coral, and old structures.

I found a lot of great images and found myself looking at these a lot.a4f3bf08I wanted each motif to feature underwater creatures going about their business near some interesting sea-floor spaces.

1. Stingrays race by some long sunk ruins.

2. An octopus travels past a cluster of various coral.

3. A shark hunts for a meal near the remains of an old ship.

4. The ruins of some ancient stairs are passed by a pair of jellyfish.

5. A sea turtle swims along the sea floor accompanied by some fish eager to help him clear his shell of any good food.

After drawing, and drawing some more, I ended up with these:3ccb0e56I haven't done a lot of line drawing and would probably do some of it differently in the future. I also drew a bunch of seaweed and extra coral thinking to use some as filler. I used some of it to make a sixth motif when I was struggling to find an arrangement that would work with the five motifs I already drew. I felt like it was too different from the others so I omitted it in the end.

I went through several iterations of the pattern. Here are a few that I tried:


After playing with it for a while I decided that the seaweed fillers made the pattern too busy and detracted from the motifs and decided to try to emulate the sandy sea-floor. I ended up using a 1/4 drop rather than a 1/2.

Here is the final pattern (although I'm sure I will keep playing with it):





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