Underpainting and skin tones

Underpainting and skin tones - student project

Hello Adriana,

First, I need to say that I find your class VERY inspiring! I was so excited about the underpaiting method, that I decided to do every exercise you've proposed. It was quite time-consuming, but really worth making! <3


The cubes exercise was not easy, I think if I made it again now, after making other tasks, I would make it better. Now I feel it more, which tone of colors use to neutralize each other. I was also surprised about how many skin tones you can achieve with mixing these three basic colors with the others!

Underpainting and skin tones - image 1 - student project

And making this chart, I was amazed even more :D Now I started to see more skin tones than just pale, mid and dark. It was so life-changing :D

Underpainting and skin tones - image 2 - student project

While making the warm-up, for the most of time I was thinking like "no way, this is not working, I can still see blue or green, there's no way it will disappear" and after painting one more layer it was like WOW! It works!! :D

But for the future, I need to make some notes of which colors I use in each face, because while waiting for the one face to dry, I made another one, and then I couldn't remember what mix I used with the first one ;))

Underpainting and skin tones - image 3 - student project

Making this exercise took me a lot of time, again I was doubting if blue, green and purple color will disappear at all ;) I find the blue underpainting the most difficult to neutralize, and the green one the easiest. And I know for now, I need to practise to feel how intense the underpainting needs to be when I want to achieve the specifict effect, not too dark mostly.

Underpainting and skin tones - image 4 - student project

And this is my final project:

Underpainting and skin tones - image 5 - student project

I'm really fascinated about the method of painting you've presented, I think I will still practise using it, to learn how to achieve the exect skin tones. For sure, it will have a great impact on my paintings, and I have a feeling that I've learned a lot. Thank you! :)