Undercover - student project

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Crisis -> Bebo is living his worst fear, the life of a criminal.

Struggle-> Bebo finds himself getting close to these people, these law breakers.

Epiphany-> Dr. Bradley wasn’t so bad after all, Zekou is a tyrant.



  • Bebo is in Hades, he needs to blend in, or he’ll end up like the rest of his fellow officers.
  • Bebo takes on the persona of his dead friend Piers Cult who was the son of a famous smuggler.
  • Bebo is forced to climb the ladder in order to be able to get off planet side to get help.


  • Dragging Piers good name into the mud, mutilating his body to save his own skin.
  • Piers/Bebo is forced to do a job, a job that will have a ripple effect on the good people.
  • He was struggling, spiraling out of control. He couldn’t handle it anymore. He was falling.


  • Bebo id saved from his own inner demons by Dr. Leonard (Leo) Bradley. The man he had been hunting down.
  • Bebo learns of Dr. Bradley’s crime after witnessing firsthand how most people are forced to suffer under the Tyranny of their rulers and planets in poverty, he could understand why Dr. Bradley did what he did.
  • Zekou’s tyranny must end.


“You…you killed Admiral Lawrence’s kindred youth? I call zalick human boy. Prove it to me, where’s the body?” A gnarly 3-eyed Kraclaw squinted down at him with is antenna eyes, yellow sharp incisors glinting off the lights within the town, giving Bebo a daring grin.

“No give me the body boy and I will not only tend to your wounds but give you a hearty meal!” crowed a Jouslaw as his smile engulfed more than three fourths his face, curving up a scaled eyebrow haughtily.

“No…show me.”

Everyone froze as the voice causing the sea of criminals to part to reveal a giant now only in appearance but also in infamy.


Bebo leads them to the crash site watching as the Drazic Goron pick up Pier’s corpse off the floor with his clawed hand. Huffing in laughter, a laughter that was joined by everyone that joined in on this venture.


Piers/Bebo’s body shook in revulsion, his face set in horror. A horror he was forced to conceal within himself while in the presence of others. There had been a survivor from the crash, a young guy like himself if barley a man, he was forced to prove himself an asset…forced to take an innocent life. He could still hear the young man begging him to not shoot, pleading for mercy.

‘Was it not bad enough that I not only drag Pier’s good name through the mud and allow those bastards to mutilate his corpse to be sent to my father in my place…now my hands are covered in blood…I’m a murderer…’

Bebo shook his head to rid himself of the screams echoing in his ears, the blood splattering all over him, the sound of the thud as the body hit the floor, and the site of the blood pooling all around the body. With shaky hands he grabbed a pillow he had been resting on and shoved it into his mouth to muffle his screams.


“The people aren’t all bad, not all of them at any rate. Though if rumors are to be believed, you already knew that.” Drawled Dr. Bradley as he tended to Bebo’s wounds. Bebo slowly nodded knowing where the good doctor was coming from. “How many times are you going to save me Doc?” Shaking his head Bebo took in the small clinic room within the doctor’s home with a critical gaze.

“When will you realize what a lost cause I am?”

“The moment I knock some since up in that puny human brain. “All I did was save you body and you mind Bebo, it’s you who keeps surviving. You’re a survivor young shume, a foolish survivor but a survivor none the less.” Tightening the bindings on Bebo’s ribs cause the undercover cadet to wince in pain.

“What will you do now Bebo? You infiltrated Zekou’s crew. You now have clearance to own you own ship and get off world whenever you like. You can head home and leave this hell behind. The Intergalactic Force won’t be able to come down to Hades since this galaxy is out of their jurisdiction but with knowledge of Hades coordinates, I’m sure there can be prevention setup to make life for people here very hard.”

Bebo contemplated Dr. Bradley’s words, finding no fault in his logic. “That’s the problem Doc. There are a lot of monstrous people here, but they are outweighed by the good people on this planet. Their trade will suffer and they’re families will go hungry.”

“So, no I will not be going home, not until the people here are safe.”

“How do you intend to do that?” questioned the doctor as he pass Bebo a shirt.

“Simple, we stage a mutiny…”