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Meg Carrell

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Undercover Blues

To be honest, this class terrified me at first. There's already so much great hand lettering out there, and I was seriously intimidated. I'm glad I stuck with it though- I've been able to look at some amazing work from my classmates, and it was encouraging to know they were in the same boat as me!

I've also learned that sketching on grey paper is less intimidating than on white paper. Who knew?

My mood board was mostly inspiring, with a hint of awestruck. But I realized that breaking apart the letterforms and fonts made things more manageable, and it was cool to actually examine some work I've drooled over!

For anyone wondering, my first quote was from the movie Undercover Blues (1993), a family favorite.

The finished piece was fun, but definitely a newbie piece. But at this point I was getting excited about doing more hand lettering, so I thought I'd try another one.

_                                                                                         _

For this one, I spent a lot less time creating a physical mood board and researching. In some ways I think that actually worked in my favor!

For this one, I wanted to play with doing a photo background instead of a flat/Illustrator one. I struggled with readability, but it's definitely something I want to experiment with more. 

For anyone who made it this far, I'd love any comments or suggestions! This was a really positive experience for me, and I'm looking forward to doing even more lettering.


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