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Under the sea

Hello everyone,

My name is Ana and I'm trying to learn the art of creating patterns. I'm half Brazilian and half French and I live in London!

I love to travel and I have recently been to Thailand and this trip inspired me so much that I couldn't pick any other theme! The sea life, colours, energy was so intense that I decided to do a pattern inspired by Thailand.

I'm posting this project totally last minute but I really wanted to share what I have learnt. This is the first pattern I'm posting and it's a bit scary to do so, but I guess it's the only way to learn. This class is amazing and helped me so much!

So the first thing I did to start my project was to go back to the photographs I had taken.Have a look at all of them and choose a few that had interesting colour ways. (The pictures below apart from the bottom right corner one were taken by myself)

Here are the ones I chose and the colour palettes I created:

Everything I saw was incredibly beautiful but I decided to start sketching what I had seen under water. The sea life in Thailand is so rich and colourful so I thought I'd start with that.

Here are a few of my sketches that I have scanned to my computer. Little fishes and jelly fishes...

The part I found quite difficult was creating a harmonious pattern and choosing the right colours... I decided to choose one type of fish and work with it as I was scared adding all would be just too much.

This is my pattern tile:

These are the different colour ways I tried:

I Didn't feel like my end result was what I had in mind...I wanted something more vibrant and that would capture the energy and the colours of Thailand. So I tried a new pattern using most of the motifs I had sketched.

This is my pattern tile:

I tried it in different colourways:

I think even though it is a very simple pattern and it could be improved. I am happy that I managed to translate what I had in mind into this pattern: Colours, energy and movement.

So Voila! This is the first pattern I have ever shown to anyone and I hope you like it!


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