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Under the Volcano: An Inquiry into a Personal Consumption Regime

Drinking for me has always been a sort of anomaly, once I think I've got it all figured it out I spend 24 hours laying in bed with a massive hangover. Because of this, I have become much more interested in my drinking habits including the times that I drink, what exactly I'm drinking, how long I am able to drink for, the money I spend drinking, where I drink, with whom I drink, and the fun or lack thereof that occurs on these comsumptuous occassions. That's what this project is about.

Data I want to collect:

  • distance from my home where beverage consumption occurs
  • time of first sip of first alcoholic beverage
  • size and alcohol content of first and each subsquent beverage
  • time I finish my last alcoholic beverage (or in the event of sleeping instead of finishing beverage, the time I lay down)
  • any food consumption between the first sip and finish of last beverage
  • amount spent for alcoholic beverages/food
  • perhaps some sort of intoxication level (looking for cheaps apps instead of a breathalyzer)

I am beginning with no data so this project will be slow going at best (I do not consider myself an alcoholic, otherwise the data may have been easier to obtain), but I am hoping to share the journey of this project here. 


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