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Under the Southern Cross

I'm not sure, but I think I might be the first person in the Southern Hemisphere to be taking this class? Stand up any of my fellow antipodeans!

I recently purchased my first DSLR. I had previously used a film one in high school when I took photography. I jumped at the chance to take this class, as the stars and astrophotography have fancinated me for such a long time.

I'm so glad I did this class! I've not only learned much about atrophotography, but my own camera as well. 

I do not have a wide-angle lens, nor can I afford one at the moment, but I am looking into getting an adaptor to start me out, like this one.

These are my results to start out with. They're unedited as my version of Lightroom won't read RAW files.

(The lens flare is the streetlight opposite sneaking into the picture)

And my personal favourite of the night...

I'll update this after I get the wide angle adaptor to see if it helps much at all. I'd also like to go somewhere with a lot less light pollution. It was pretty dark, but the streetlight didn't help much. The huge mound on the right of the final picture is a nature reserve behing my house so I think next time it's clear I'll head out there and see if I can experiment with more pictures and light painting.


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