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Under the Sea

I had so much fun doing the activities in this class! Especially the planets. I liked that it combined learning watercolor techniques with play, instead of being serious and totally realistic.

My monochrome activity is a slice of lime. I forgot to leave white areas for the first wedge, but am happy with how the shiny spots look on the other sections.


I loved making the little experimental planets. I used sea salt, which was hard to scrape off once the blob dried. Not sure if table salt would have come off more easily? And I used rubbing alcohol instead of bleach which worked great for lifting color. This activity led me to discover a few techniques with outcomes that reminded me of sea life.


I used several of the techniques I discovered doing the planet exercise in my jellyfish activity. One in particular is to paint a dark blue ring around the edge of the shape and fill in with water so the dark blue pigment bleeds into the water spot.


I was inspired to do an underwater painting for my final project because some of my planets reminded me of sea creatures. I only have black india ink, but this one made me wish I had some other ink colors as well. I especially like what the salt did to the texture and how swabbing with alcohol made really cool layers on the left side.


Can't wait to take more of Ana's classes!


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