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Under the Sea

As I started sketching and listing ideas for this project I initially was leaning toward doing a loud drawing. However, as my thought process progressed I started forming ideas around the word quiet. Among the words I listed I decided to sketch an underwater drawing as it referenced nature, calm, and subdued, I did a very rough sketch of my idea and it started to quickly turn into a louder drawing. I devcided to use darker colors to be sure that this implies a quiet scene. I was inspired by a painting that I saw in a show I was watching that had various shades of blue and used that inspiration as the background for my project. I used the tip in the first lesson to sketch in pen as it is more permanent and definietly think that helped me organize my thoughts and ideas.

Below is the color pallate I have decided on based on the lesson. While the background of my photo will be anaglous shades of blue, I will add other accent colors. This will most likley change as I begin to create my actual project in illustrator.

My next step will be to scan this into my computer and start on creating the project in illustator. 


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